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Staying Consistent

For me, I always had issues with sticking with my exercise routines. I would start running or start a fitness plan. And after a week the excitement would fade and the sore muscles would take over. And my fitness would end and I would be back on my next Netflix binge.

That was when I realized the importance of training partners for me! Sadly, I am not the most self motivated individual. However, I am highly competitive. So, that means that I refuse to be the one who needs to start walking during a run and I will not be the one to call off a run.

Finding an exercise partner has proved to be the most beneficial thing for me on my health journey. It allows me to stay consistent and also not go crazy while running. Making running a social interaction has proved to make me enjoy it immensely. Liking running, not something I thought I would ever utter.

Once I started enjoying running and getting into the routine of lacing up my shoes every morning, it really did get easier. Also, not something I thought I would utter. So for anyone who is trying to get into an exercise routine, do NOT give up! Give it a two consistent weeks and you will find your breathing becomes more controlled and your legs will stop feeling like jelly after the run concludes.

But another tip, find a partner that works for you. I went through a few before I ended up with Emily. And we work really well together! We were up front about our in shape level, which were both initially zero and we found the right balance of pushing each other when the other needed it and also backing off and slowing the pace down when it was appropriate. Another nice thing, she is my boyfriend’s little sister, so we have used it as a bonding time so we can develop a better relationship. I’m telling you, comfortable social interaction makes a huge difference.